(42225) 65.0/10.0-10 CB D25

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This tire is designed for use on a 250cc or 270cc micro sprint as a right rear. The tire features a firm tread compound for dry and abrasive track conditions. The approximate durometer is 48 at indoor, room temperature. Recommended rim width is 10” | Approx. circumference is 65” | Approx. diameter is 20.5” | Approx. tread width is 10” | Approx. Section width 11.5” is a 10” wide wheel.

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It began in the early 1950's when Bob Newton, along with his supportive wife Joyce, began a successful racing career on the small asphalt tracks of northern Indiana. Like many of his fellow drivers, Bob was not satisfied with driving on street tires with their limited sizing options and hard tread compounds. It was during these early days that Bob had a vision to produce his own tires specifically designed for racing. So in 1957 Bob and Joyce began their own business in an old abandoned horse barn in South Bend, Indiana selling tires to local racers... and Hoosier Racing Tire was born.